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Domain Name Search Free Tool: How To Find The Perfect Domain Quicker

All in one simple and easy brainstorming process to get your next domain name simply faster with NameCheap.

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Domain Name Search Free Tool - How To Find The Perfect Domain Quicker With NameCheap
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Domain Name Search Free Tool: The Perfect Domain

In this blog post, I’ll be talking about this domain name search free tool that I’m personally using to find my domain names. You most likely have already noticed in the title, this tool is from NameCheap.

In order to use this tool for the best performance and results.

I’ll invite you to watch this previous post that I’ve shared earlier here in my blog called “How To Choose A Domain Name? Avoid These Common Mistakes” where I walk you thru 7 simple tips that we should take into consideration while choosing a domain name for our online business.

After you have a clear idea of what others (Competitors in your niche) are naming their domain names and what are the relevant keyword(s) that you are planning to pursue to your online business then come back to this post where I walk you thru how NameCheap can help you by easing this tedious process from finding/choosing/buying a great bargain, your domain name for your future online business.

This tool that I’m sharing here will be really useful if you have already gone thru the research phase of your domain name keyword research first.

I know that it should be fun choosing your future business home address and most likely the name as well. 

The truth is that the first good ideas that may come to your head, you will notice that have already been taken by someone else for their online business or simply making some extra cash by holding them and reselling later to someone like you and me.

But here is why I’m sharing this post, using the tool that I’ve personally used to buy and host my online businesses on the same platform.  

Notwithstanding the fact that NameCheap makes just for its name, it is actually a low price that you can get your domain name. Plus all the extra and necessary tools when kickstarting an online business or going online with your brick and mortar business.

And much more, but this is what I use and no complaints so far. So let’s dive into the domain name search that NameCheap provides.

The “Beast” Mode Search Free Domain Name Tool

Now that you already have your keyword(s) and an idea of what others are using to name their domain names let’s see what this free “Beast” tool offers.

The Power Of The “Beast” Mode

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Useful Key Features Hacks

Here are some of the USEFUL things you’ll be able to do with the NameCheap “Beast” mode search tool:

  • Quickly find hidden gems to acquire – By searching en masse and eliminating premium domains from search results, you can quickly find desirable domains to purchase
  • Import & export options – Upload a CSV file to blast through your search in no time.
  • Unbelievable search limit – Search up to 5000 domains or keywords at once.
  • Collaborate on searches – Share feature enables you to collaborate on searches wherever your team is based. (In case you have one)
  • Keyword generation and manipulation – Our intuitive tool will inspire you with new ideas you hadn’t even considered.

How To Use “Beast” Mode Walk Thru

Domain name search free tool - Try The NameCheap Beast Mode
Try The Beast Mode Tool Here

This is how I use this tool and it is quite simple, so don’t overcomplicate this process as long as you already have the 2 information that I’ve mentioned above in your head. (Better in a paper

  • Keyword(s) that define your online business.
  • Rough idea of how your competition is naming their online businesses.

With this information in mind, let’s dive into this tool.

#1 Step – Keyword(s)

Domain name search keyword field

In this step, you can manually type the relevant keywords based on what you researched for your online business. After typing a keyword if you hit space in the keyboard, you will notice that will jump for keyword number 2 and so on.

If you have a long list you can upload a CSV file on the top right corner. You can upload up to 5000 keywords in one go.

Personally, I would not recommend doing it otherwise you will have a hard time, “Analysis Paralysis” choosing… but that’s me… 

I would say, pick maybe 2 or 3 most relevant keyword(s) that best define what you are pursuing, type manually and go on from there. But that’s not “My” business literally. 

#2 Step – Price Range

Price Range Field

This step is actually depending on your budget, how much you can afford to pay. I’ll say leave it by default. In fact, you will be able to see more results. This won’t affect results unless you restrict to a price range.

It will give you a more clear idea of what is out there as well.

#3 Step – Search TDL’s or Extensions

Domain Name search available TDLs

In case you don’t know what is a TDL basically is your site extension like the “.com” as an example.

What’s a TDL?

The first thing that came out for the definition was “Too Damn Lazy”… no that’s not it!

In this case, the TDL by definition is the acronym used for top-level domain. It’s the last segment of a domain name after the final dot. As mentioned earlier it is the extension.

In this TDL field basically, you can click the select all option (which I don’t recommend), or choose one that always goes well with everything which is the “.com”.

Here in this field, the reason that I don’t recommend selecting all is due to the fact that there are plenty, if not mistaken, by the time I’m writing this post, something like 507 TDLs available. However, sometimes the “.com” is already taken or extremely expensive. So in this case after checking the results you may consider other TDLs or extensions for your domain.

Note here, TDLs won’t be affecting your website ranking on the search engines no matter what they are.

#4 Step – Transform and Options

Transform and Options for your domain name

In these next 2 steps, here is where this tool works great when picking the domain name. This is the brainstorming hack that NameCheap offers.

You can play with the keywords.


Here are some examples of how this tool can help you without having to add additional keywords variations, as mentioned in the #1 step above.

  • Domain Hacks →
  • Drop Last Vowel →
  • Pluralise Nouns →


Here is an additional filter on the results shown.

  • Show Premiums Premium domains are usually high quality keywords but come with a higher price tag.
  • Hide unavailable Hide domains that have already been registered.

Filtering out the results shown. Saving you time and making easier your decision by excluding your unwanted results.

#5 Step – Append Prefix/Suffix

Append Prefix and Suffixes to your main domain keyword

This step allows your creativity to flow. Sometimes the exact keyword that we are aiming to go for is already taken. Play with the words here by adding prefixes or suffixes to the main keyword that you are targeting. 

This is useful by adding simple extra to your keyword while finding something still available in the market.

Include results that add text to the beginning or the end of your keywords.

Here is a list of some must used top prefixes and suffixes ideas:

Top prefixes:

  • My+
  • The+
  • Web+
  • Go+
  • Super+

Top Suffixes:

  • +Online
  • +Web
  • +Media
  • +World
  • +Net

To give you an example, let’s say that you are targeting the keyword “Camping”, in case you have decided to use the prefixes or suffixes that you have chosen. This could be showing among other keywords results in something like:

This was the last guided/features step thru the “Beast” mode search tool. Hope this blog post was helpful to you on your domain name search.


In this blog post, I’ve shared how I use NameCheap to find and secure my domain name for my online businesses.

This “Beast” mode search free tool, allows you to have a more clear idea not only of what is available but also help you on the domain name brainstorming using these 5 options features:

  • #1 Step – Keyword(s)
  • #2 Step – Price Range
  • #3 Step – Search TDL’s or Extensions
  • #4 Step – Transform and Options
  • #5 Step – Append Prefix/Suffix

I’m not only using NameCheap for searching and buying the domain names but additionally for hosting my WordPress site and having a Professional email with my domain name. They also offer hosting 1 month free and professional email using your domain name 2 months free. (I don’t know if they will still be keeping these promotions forever, but I’ll drop you the link below in case you have interest)

In case you are just starting, this will make sense to have all these services for less than $10 USD a month.

Doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or not when starting an online business. The fact is that, no point in spending much money while you are still proving the waters. You’ve made your research and everything by the book, but only when you launch you can prove to see the results.

All these are the minimum that you will be requiring on your new online business. A domain name, hosting for your website, and a professional email address.

Yet, you can choose to go for or if you looking to create a blog among others but here is the thing. If you do decide to take this step you will be proving yourself that you are more committed to this new online journey that you are embarking on.

Then I would say to start with (Notice that it is “.org”). You’ll be in total control of your future website home. Meaning that you will be “Running” your website from your chosen hosting platform.

In case you do decide to take action here is the link for the domain search free tool and I’ll be receiving a small commission for the referral.

Before you go, I have a question for you. What do you think about this NameCheap domain name search free “Beast” tool post and was it useful anyhow for you?

Please let me know in the comments below. This will help me to improve on future posts.

Appreciate that you’ve stopped by.

See you at the next one!

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