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How To Stay Focused Working From Home Starting A Side Hustle

How To Manage Working From Home While Being A Parent.

Stay Focused Not To Risk Losing Your Online Side Hustle Momentum Or Worst Letting Your Kids Down By Not Having Time For Them! 😅

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How To Stay Focused Working From Home?

In this post, I want to share how do I manage to stay focused while working from home. Being a father looking to create an online side hustle.

Working from home is already challenging due to all commodities and distractions that you can have. Adding 2 small kids in this equation that demands your full attention is crazy unless you have some kind of a plan.

Parenting and creating/starting an online business are two extremely demanding endeavors. This is especially true if you’re doing both simultaneously at home during the day.

Before sharing my plan and research about this topic let me briefly introduce myself.

Hustling From Home And Family

How To Stay Focused Working From Home
❤️ My Kids

Hi, I’m a dad of two beautiful and energetic young children. Aged 3 and 6 years old. The best job that we (me and my wife) did and no successful business can beat that.

I’m currently still holding my 9 to 5 day job that helps to pay the bills. While looking to create that “e-lifestyle” to gain freedom in life.

My main goal is to simply live “Life” with my family and have full control of my time. 

In 2017, I’ve decided to give it a try. After 4 years I’m still trying. 

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

Here is a post that I shared earlier about my online journey in case you want to read it here.

This blog post “How To Stay Focused Working From Home” will make sense or, at least will make more sense to those with kids, especially if they are still pretty young like mine.

We have at least one thing for sure in common here and, that’s a 24 hours day frame!

During this limited 24 hours day time frame available to share within a full-time job to pay the bills.Hustling online for a better tomorrow. Quality family time with my wife and kids as the ultimate GOAL.

That’s not all, need to have time for myself and sleep as well!

No Sleep = No Brain = No Focus = No Positive Outcome

Mission Impossible the movie? Everything is counted by the second here.

It is not impossible and many others have done it before! Just that it will be much harder compared to others that have only themselves and their jobs.

After researching online about this topic to help myself. I’ve noticed that many posts will talk about similar content.

Here, I’ll share in my own words what I think are the most important tips for this hustling journey. How to manage to stay focused on your work and family simultaneously.

Don’t Break Your Family Routine, Instead Create A Workable Schedule

How To Stay Focused Working From Home - Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Your kids, spouse, and yourself are used to “your” family’s daily routine. It is good to have a routine. Routine helps family mental stability.

Some people hate routines because it becomes boring but in this specific case to be able to manage “working from home”. This is required to get things done without losing sanity. Not much for an adult but it is essential for your kids!

Scheduled activities and routines will help them to organize mentally providing a better mental structure.

You don’t want to break this routine instead, try to slot your work in between. It’s trial and error until you create a workable schedule. 

Planning is your best friend here. Prioritize your work by the most important, urgent, and demanding to the less. Then plan and schedule 2 or 3 tasks per day only.

Remember that you have small kids so don’t be so rigid. Be flexible and open to readjustments during the day.

If you couldn’t finish all reduce it to 1 or 2. Next day planning will be better.

Planning / Schedule will help you to stay focused on your Work

So how do I stay focused while working from home? Everything comes to planning. Flexible planning because with small kids all can change last minute.

There will be no perfect planning here!

Have an open mind and remember that your kids deserve your attention and a good dose of patience especially at such a young age.

In the heat of the situation just remember. You are the responsible adult here. Not them!

Create Time Blocks

Work From Home Now - Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Get yourself a family calendar (Simply create one for free in google calendar). Share it with your wife, your team if you have one, or whoever needs to be in.

The main idea is to allocate home tasks between yourself and your wife, who does what and when!

Let your team (if you have one) know what times you are available to work and what time you are busy.

By doing this will help you to visualize and organize mentally on your working time and keep focus while working especially from home.

Knowing that in my case with a full-time job. I don’t have much “time left” to work on my side business, but we have to do it.

The big difference is that instead of taking one day to perform a task you might need 2 or 3 days… the worst-case scenario.

But that’s how you can make it work!

Creating Time Blocks

This time block doesn’t need to be your online hustle only but everything from kids activities (indoors, outdoors, playtime, napping, meals, and so on…).

Remember that we just talked about planning/scheduling your day.

  • What time you are most productive and you are free to work, block 1 to 2 hours if possible;
  • Do your kids have activities that don’t require your presence, block that time;
  • Activities that you will join your kids, block that time;
  • Family mealtimes, mark that down and block it;
  • Playtime, cinema, etc…

You get my point here. In order to get work done, you need to plan and see it written somewhere to help you organize mentally.

Do a rough weekly schedule and then adjust it the night before.

This is where these time blocks come in to fill your calendar. Mark them with different colors (Family time / Work time / Your time).

Don’t need to be perfectly filled, in fact, allow time to breathe for unforeseen scenarios.

This is not a sprint but a marathon, don’t stop and keep positive. Time only matters if you aren’t doing anything about it.

Don’t Multitask

An important note here. Workwise NOT to try doing several things at the same time. Plan one task and focus on that specific task only. Switch off Facebook, TV in the background, or other distractions and work!

With a limited time schedule don’t overload yourself. Taking one task and completing it will make you feel better than taking 2 or more and not finishing any!

Train Your Brain With A Healthy Dose Of Mindset

That’s my positive thinking kicking in and you should too! The mindset to success. Yes, you can!

If you aren’t being productive, stop and rest your brain first. Then you continue.

Here is some great motivational speaker called Simon Sinek that I personally enjoy listening to.

Simon Sinek | Mindset Moments

It is okay to ask for help! But when you do it be aware of whom you ask. Sometimes even the most loved ones unintentionally will get you off track.

They just want to protect you! But what you really need is support!

If what you are hustling for is really what you want then recharge your batteries and return to your “home” work focus.

Recharge Your Batteries Before Focus Back On Your Work 

If you can’t produce positive results for your online hustle. Then I’ll say take a break for a few hours, a day, or even two. Take the time you think is needed.

You also need time for yourself. If you can’t have time alone, then plan something with your family to release your stress.

Give a break to your brain.

There’s nothing wrong to stop and recharge. When you feel ready, it is time to get back to work on your online business.

Working from home can be really challenging to keep focused so it is essential to take breaks every now and then!

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway. We might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

Earl Nightingale


If are you planning to start an online side hustle working from home. Looking to improve your family life by getting control of your time and achieve financial freedom?

In this post we talked about 3 important topics that help to achieve success working from home and keep focus:

  • Importance of a Routine;
  • Why you must have a Calendar & Planning;
  • Mindset, having your own time is really important.

Being able to spend quality and memorable time with them? I’ll say you made the right decision and the fact is that time doesn’t stop. We don’t get younger.

That’s a great idea, decision, and challenge at the same time. This is an honest comment about the pros and cons of what I’ve experienced so far during these last 4 years that I’ve decided to do so.

Starting a side hustle …nothing in life is easy and the road is full of challenges ahead of you. The important here is to keep focused and get back to your work… eyes on the goal!

With a full-time job and 2 angels full of energy at home that have all the right to request your full attention and they deserve it. 

Today I’m still holding my 9 to 5 and have been knocked down a few times but that’s okay! Don’t give up!

Working From Home - Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash
Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Hope my point of view about how working from home with small kids helped you in some way.

Appreciate that you’ve stopped by!Keep hustling. 💪

See you in the next one.

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