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#1 My First Blog Post Ever! I’m Feeling Like Screaming Out Hello World!

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Hello and Welcome to the OnlineBusinessHustle (OBH) blog. As mentioned in the title above this is my first blog post …ever!😉

Needless to say, I’m new to blogging so I’ve written and rewritten this post a few times already… if you are planning to blog, just started, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean or if you’re a pro blogger maybe this will bring you distant memories. Well, if you just landed on my post to check out and have no interest in blogging then never mind.

What a nice start… I’m pumped on this new online journey of sharing my point of view and leaving my digital mark.

I don’t want to extend this blog post with nonsenses, instead just wanted to write a quick intro about this “my first blog post” regarding the Who, Why & What. That’s my main objective with this first blog post here.😁✌️

So let’s talk about the WHO and by that I mean families in their late 30s with small kids. I also meant myself.

Hi, my name is Edu, I’m a Portuguese living abroad with my family in Southeast Asia.

A husband and father of two beautiful children. Love photography and new technologies but am not a geek type of guy. I’ll feel sick if I stay all day indoors. I enjoy camping, adventure and could be happily traveling with my family year-round discovering new things …love cooking too …but I’m not a chef!

I feel that I’m not alone in my interest and many readers share the same interest as me.

So how about my WHY and blogging.

Let me share a quick story that led me to my WHY here.

Well, blogging wasn’t my initial or first idea for an online business that could support the lifestyle that I’m looking for me and my family but after trying and failing a few times during these last 4 years since 2017. Surfing thru all the available and easy to reach online businesses models that are being promoted on YouTube, Facebook, and so on… blogging wasn’t even on my options list.

My crazy portfolio contains:

  • Failed Amazon store;
  • Failed Shopify store;
  • Failed WP Alidropship store;
  • …and a few others with print on demand and so on 🤯

Here is a famous quote that I’ll like particularly.

“It’s not important how many times you fall but how many times you rise”

Nelson Mandela

I was trying to reach my lifestyle goal with an easy and fast route approach without wanting to compromise much time and effort… the results are obvious.

All these online businesses have a really low (monetary) entry barrier but success isn’t easy to reach as well.

Well, I’m not considering advertising costs here… 🤑

I’m not saying that these business models such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or print on demand… don’t work. I would be completely wrong and misleading by saying that! Because that just isn’t true at all.

What I’m saying is that the easy and fast type of approach without compromise or effort that I’ve been trying was completely wrong and ultimately lead me and many others to failure and possibly with a few advertising accounts on Google and Facebook closed/disabled 😅.

This followed by quitting what I was doing and chasing the next shiny “object” that was being promoted by another online marketer.

The perfect recipe for failure. There’s a famous quote that says something in these lines. Failure is part of success.

Funny that today I’ve decided to create a blog and planning to become a blogger. This isn’t a fast route that I was always searching for and wasn’t in my plans long ago.

The lesson learned here are patience, persistence, and a clear objective are what it takes!

Here is another famous quote that I’ll like.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Napoleon Hill

After this quick story of myself, let’s return to the topic.

My WHY as a blogger and the purpose of this blog is to share my ideas or experience about things that I like doing and find interesting to share with others. I’m not expecting that all my readers will agree with my opinion if there are any readers at all. 😜

That leads me to my third and last point, and believe the most interesting or not for you as a reader.

Let’s talk about the WHAT of this blog is all about.

I’ll like to talk about my failed past experiences online for parents in their late 30s with small kids looking for ways to get an extra income online and why I have failed.

Don’t worry, I’m not the teacher 😉 (especially with my proven experience) I just want to share what I think about and find after doing some research about it.

I’ll like to talk about traveling, unfortunately, these last two years past there wasn’t any traveling at all…

I’ll like to talk about quick-cooking and nice meals for a busy family guy with kids.

I’ll like to talk about gadgets, yes I like them but I’m not a geek kind of guy. I talk from the user’s perspective.

There are so many things that I believe have something to share about some topics. 😜

Thanks for reading my first blog post and for stopping by.

Before you go I’ll like to ask you a favor and let me know in the comments what you think of my post?

See you at the next one!

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