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Side Hustle For Stay At Home Moms & Dads: The Online Biz Generation Era

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Side Hustle For Stay At Home Moms & Dads
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Side Hustle For Stay At Home Moms & Dads

There are plenty of good reasons to GOOGLE this phrase “Side Hustle For Stay At Home Moms & Dads” on the search bar.

For whatever the reasons it might be if you are a stay-at-home mom or dad looking for a side hustle to bring some extra income home. In my opinion, in this day and age where jobs for life are an “old fashion” concept, inexistent or simply rare, plus the unemployment rate skyrocketing Worldwide and is not only due to the Covid-19 pandemic side effects.

This is a major problem that many families, unfortunately, are facing today. 

This is the “new normal” we could say!

Reduce costs while demanding more from the current workforce (Typical scenario)… layoffs (Unfortunate outcome)… The worst, in my opinion, is the idea of waiting for better days to come… Waiting for how long? Waiting for what?

Kind of playing the Lotto but with our lives.

We shouldn’t feel lucky to get a job. I know it is imperative to have an income especially if you have a family and kids.

Instead, take this as an opportunity to make some changes, challenge yourself by taking the advantage of the new opportunities, alternative online business routes that are available.

The best is that you can turn your home, into your headquarters. Where you are your own boss!

Living the online Laptop Lifestyle!

Using this “Pause” time in your life, to create solutions for your “Monetary” problems and fix them.

The truth is that working a 9 to 5 job is much easier. You have a switch-off button at 5 pm and switch back on at 9 am. A simple trade where you sell 8 hours of your body, brain, and soul a day in exchange for a paycheque, eventually get rewarded with more responsibilities for a minor monetary compensation and a few days off every single calendar year.

So many people live their lives Unfulfilled, Unsatisfied, Complaining …seems some piece is missing from their puzzle here!

I’ll say looking for an online side hustle if you are a stay-at-home parent is a great start. Even get some extra income to complement your salary (If you are holding a current job). Seems a great idea but unfortunately is not for everyone.

The simple fact is that more than 90% of people that try fail in the first weeks or months.

This is because it is not easy and requires effort, persistence, and devotion. Requires a new learning curve.

So, independently if you want to make some extra cash or really looking to get an income.Doing a quick search online for these topics and will easily find tons of “How to” do this type of posts, giving you tons of ideas. This is what many parents start to look for and could be a “Simple” life-changing solution.

My point here is, ask yourself! What is that you are really looking for? some extra pocket money or creating a solid online business for the future?

In case you just want some extra pocket money, there are plenty of options like filling surveys or other similar gigs that you can receive some money in exchange for your time using a smartphone or laptop.

This won’t make you rich by far but… still can make some cash.

Or you want to create a solid business of your own. Where your sweat and tears can eventually pay off, bringing you a different lifestyle for you and your family?

I’m not going to give you a bunch of ideas instead will talk about what I’ve chosen for myself and have tried in the past. Here is a link to one of my blogposts shared earlier about my journey and failures in case you want to check it.

My First Blog Post - OBH

I’ll give you my point of view, hopefully, can make your decision easier.

  • Amazon FBA Store (by far the easiest to make money in my opinion, however this model requires you to have some money to invest in inventory in advance and knowing how to do it. Meaning how to do your product research properlly for Amazon), this is a research tool called junglescout can help you but is not free.
  • Etsy Shop (Great for Print-On-Demand or a craftsman in case you are creative. Etsy’s main audience are always looking for an alternative & unique handmade kind of products). Here is a tool called keyworddominatortool that can help and it is partially free but limited daily reseach.
  • Shopify Dropshipping Store (This business model seems perfect however, it is pretty hard and in the end will require money to market your products. Plus keeping your store up and running). Here is some help called oberlo, also you can find them on youtube for tons of tutorials.
  • WordPress Alidropship (Dropshipping) Store (This business model seems perfect however it is pretty hard and in the end will require money to market your products, but by far cheaper than Shopify). With Alidropship basically you are purchasing a website running on WordPress with hosting included, they basically hand you the “Keys” for your new ready tailored online shop with winning products included and ready to go.
  • Pinterest Account (Affiliate Marketing business model and more… In case you have a Pinterest account, you will notice that users are actually searching for products to buy). Learn directly with pinterest the best practices and signing up for a free professional account.

In case you decide to dedicate time growing a social following on a platform like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or any other.

There are no limits for all business models as long as it makes sense to your audience. Use a good judgment here.

Just want to drop you here a quick warning in case you decide to do paid advertising: Some platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads aren’t Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping friendly and not properly done can lead to close/disabled accounts.

Do your research on Youtube or simply Google first and learn best practices before starting. Otherwise, it is a burning money machine, and “They won’t love you but appreciate you!”😅

Been there and it Sucks!

Keep in mind, regarding Social platforms or E-Commerce platforms you don’t have full control of your “Real Estate” Account/Shop/Store, actually, you only have a free account with them.

You must be aware of that! I don’t mean that you shouldn’t try, in fact, you should but create a backup plan.

However, your “Real Estate” belongs to the platform that you sign up for an account, in case one day they decide that you aren’t following their policy or any other reason, you will simply be wiped out from the platform. End of the story here!

I would recommend based on what I’m personally using. You can host your WordPress site for less than $4.00 USD per month and you are set to start your blogging days.

My #1 Option Is Blogging: Creating A Side Hustle For Stay At Home Parent (moms or dads).

Create a Blog! In my opinion, this is the best option by far after being trying and failing a few times during these last 4 years.

Why A Blog? The Question should be Why Not A Blog?

I’m new to blogging but not to this “online hustling” and tried other business models in the past. Just like those mentioned above.

It’s quite funny. I was avoiding creating a blog during these last 4 years because it takes time and hard work.

Never say never

Charles Dickens

Writing content is not so easy for some people. You need to be inspired and research what is that you will be talking about!

For others seems so natural!

Some people will say create a blog about what you like and are knowledgeable about. Believe that’s pretty true otherwise will be a tough ride leading to nowhere!

There’s a famous quote that I shared before that says something in the lines of “You don’t need to be perfect to start, but you need to start to become perfect”.

Perfection is something really difficult to achieve if even possible, so let’s say improve instead! 😉

In my case here I’m sharing my experience creating an online business and hustling online while being a parent! I’m not a stay-at-home dad but want to be in the near future! …or, I should say location freedom with my family!

I’ll say creating a blog is the best choice for a side hustle for stay-at-home moms or dads. Here is a shortlist of the Pros and Cons using my own words and thoughts (I’m not a tech guy!) but I think sharing could help on the decision:

Pros of creating a Blog:

  • Unlimited Organic Free Traffic – Meaning that you will not require to use paid advertising. (You can but don’t Need it) Instead, you will fuel your blog with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Full Control – Meaning that your website (blog) will be online as long as you want in case you decide to create one. (Using a Self Hosting Platform ofyour choice)
  • Editorial Freedom – This meaning that you decide what you want to blog about. (Your Own Policy)
  • Marketing Products or Services – A Blog is the perfect platform to create thrust with whom you are writing to. Write reviews or simply content around the Benefits of a specific product or service. Be totally honest but at the same time a bit salesy here!

Many successful online entrepreneurs (Youtubers, Podcasters, Etc…) will say 2 things:

#1 – The money is on the list (Your email list).

#2 – Create a landing page funneling you the potential buyer (where you kind of lead your potential future buyer/client via the steps that you created, the end goal is for them to buy whatever that you are selling while keeping their email address).

You can have simple Call-To-Action in your blog using a free email service provider blended into your text. (Must be relevant to the topic)

  • Reduced Costs – Creating a fully functional blog with self hosting can be quite cheap, In fact this is what I’m using myself in case you want to check this out. (I’ll be receiving a small referal commision)
  • Social Following – A blog is great not only to create a social following in the case of readers like what you post about but also in the eyes of a search engine. Do keyword research on trendy topics relevant to your blog and write about them.
  • Growing An Email List – Simply applying a signup form in the blog so that users can get updates from your content whenever you post, or a landing page that offers what you are promoting. Remember, the money is on the list!
  • Chasing the Longtail Keyword(s) – As long as it makes sense to your audience, you can chase longtail keywords with 4 or 5 words and write about it, by doing this, the competition for that “keyword(s)” is less and more targeted to whom you are talking to.

Before talking about the Cons of creating a Blog. Listen to what Jeff Besos has to say on work-life balance, being motivated, and actually loving your job!

Jeff Besos – Life-Work Balance

Jeff Besos is one of the world’s most successful businessmen, founder of the Amazon empire.

Cons of creating a Blog:

  • Slow Growth – One of the main reasons many people don’t choose blogging is that SEO takes time. From researching successful bloggers, this can take a few months to see results. Obviously, will all be depending on you.

What you put in your business = What you can take out.

It is slow but steady growth.

  • Creating Content – Writing is not easy, so this is also one of the main reasons that many simply will avoid. The “Need” to do research and read a lot on the topic(s) that you will be talking about.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty more reasons but this is what I can think about at this stage on the Pros and Cons.

I’m sure that will be adding more in the future.

Online Business How To Start VS Whats Still Holding You Back - OBH


Creating a side hustle online for a stay-at-home mom or dad is a great way to get an income and make a living out of a personal business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but completely doable as long as you make the right decision that fits you!

In this blog post, I’ve shared my personal experience as an online entrepreneur and the benefits that made me decide to choose to blog.

Independently what you choose from the most marketed out there from creating e-commerce (Dropshipping, Print-on-demand, etc…), affiliate marketing or simply leveraging the power of creating a social following in the all well-known social platforms available.

A blog is simply the most powerful and fits all these business models, in fact, complements all of them!

Here Is The Summary Of My 10 Pros & Cons

The Benefits of Blogging:

  • Unlimited Organic Free Traffic
  • Full Control
  • Editorial Freedom
  • Marketing Products or Services
  • Reduced Costs
  • Social Following
  • Growing An Email List
  • Chasing The Longtail Keyword(s)

The Downside of Blogging:

  • Slow Growth
  • Creating Content

Independently what business models that you are looking to pursue there are Pros & Cons associated. In regards to creating content, it is essential in order to communicate with your audience.

If you are into parenting, share this experience with others and use this topic to write about that! If not, pretty sure there are plenty of other topics.

Hope you have enjoyed and took some value from my sincere opinion about blogging.

Before you go, I would like to ask you a question. What did you think of my post?

Please let me know in the comments below so that I can improve in my future posts.

Appreciate that you’ve stopped by!

See you at the next one 😉

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